Protect benefit and save effect

The Foundation “Stiftung Kloster Steinfeld” is recognized by the state as a charitable society. It fulfills its mission through the promotion and support of the Socyety of the Salvatorians for its works in Steinfeld.

The main issue is in the careful and responsible work for children and the youth. The profound education and the development of a knowing, sensible and responsibly designed life are to the fore. Children and young people who recognize future, they also are able to think future, to enrich it with ideas and initiatives and to live it conscientiously.

The maintenance, development and conservation of the monastery Steinfeld secures a thousand years old important monument of our culture. It supports and promotes the beneficial work of the Order of the worldwide respected Salvatorians acting here since 1923 in their exemplary love for people.

Here in Germany there are more and more people who want to add meaning to their lives. They donate and they want to contribute and get involved. What they bequeath is worth preserving to them and also important. They want to realize, to sense and to be aware of what by their participation turns out concretely and sustainably, changes and improves.

Our Foundation “Stiftung Kloster Steinfeld” is walked by concept to help private persons and business organisations to realize effectively and permanently a social and cultural engagement.