What you can do for yourself and us.

If you are looking to entrust the high demands of your giving the right and powerful hands, then talk to us. We help you to help because we are careful and conscientious with your values entrusted to us, so that your dedications hundred percent get there where they have the most useful effect and are fully transparent for you.

We welcome one-time and regular donations. You can give your donation to us at very specific projects. We have written down for you here some current purposes. You can also donate an amount to increase our capital stock, from these interest income, the broad purpose of our work is to be realized.

Outstanding is your option that you can start your own foundation under the legal umbrella of the “Stiftung Kloster Steinfeld”. It then can share your name and serve your own purposes which are near and dear to you. Here in Steinfeld, in the whole Germany and worldwide on all continents.

You can bequeath, found and donate - always with the assurance that your donations are well recieved and be used beneficially or remain value protected as we supply our works exclusively with their income.

The participation and support of clear objectives and important tasks of the “Stiftung Kloster Steinfeld” can the philosophy of your own understanding of a journey of a Corporate Social Responsibility to clarify and strengthen. In the society, the public, in your family, with your friends and in your company's business partners and employees.

You are also cordially invited to contribute by your voluntary work for the Foundation and individual projects. Particularly committed individuals may be appointed to the Board of Trustees and directly take responsibility.

Outstanding individuals we honor with our seal bearing certificate and the title "Senator der Stiftung Kloster Steinfeld". The Senators are the venerable Advisory Board of the Foundation. This title is awarded for life and beyond, it remains a memorial and thankful stone that is embedded in our mighty monastery wall.

We have also thought that you can make private or entire plants in our monastery or in school under your sponsorship.